• XLC zap.do lanc.Cosa Nostra plus
XLC zap.do lanc.Cosa Nostra plus
XLC zap.do lanc.Cosa Nostra plus

XLC zap.do lanc.Cosa Nostra plus

100,92 zł
126,15 zł
Cena nie uległa zmianie
na zamówienie - 7-14 dni roboczych
Ø 8mm/800mm


For those looking for a little more protection for their bicycle, the XLC Chain Lock Cosa Nostra Plus LO-C18 is ideal. It has a security rating of seven and is made up of a solid hardened steel chain that is reinforced with titanium for extra protection. The outside of the chain is protected with a cover that will prevent rust and other debris from contaminating the chain. The chain comes with one LED key for low light use and four precision keys as spares. The lock body is rubber coated for extra protection and an X2P Quattro Bolt is used for superior protection against thieves. The lock barrel is also protected against breaking and being drilled open. The LO-C18 is a great step up from a café lock.

  • śruba X2P Quattro Bolt
  • mechanizm blokujący: cylinder wyposażony w BumbBlok
  • korpus zapięcia z podwójną powłoką gumową (rubber coated)
  • w zestawie 1 klucz z podświetleniem LED oraz 4 klucze precyzyjne
  • cylinder zapięcia zabezpieczony przed włamaniem oraz wierceniem
  • poziom bezpieczeństwa 7:

Model identifier numberLO-C18
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