• Hamulec V-Brake XLC BR-V03
Hamulec V-Brake XLC BR-V03
Hamulec V-Brake XLC BR-V03

Hamulec V-Brake XLC BR-V03

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The XLC V-Brake BR-V03 is a high-quality v-brake for bikes that use this system. They can be purchased for both the front and rear wheels, and are suitable for brake shoes that measure 19-39mm in length. Be sure to check what specifications your current bike uses before ordering. This particular product comes with mounting material so you can easily install them to your frame. It does not, however, come with the lever or brake lines. These must be purchased separately and XLC is proud to offer several compatible solutions. These v-brakes are constructed using aluminium for weight saving as well as durability, and the leg length of the brakes is 110mm. They also come with a cable guide, which will help during installation and setting up the cable tension.

  • • hamulec V do koła przedniego lub koła tylnego • z materiałem mocującym, bez dźwigni i linek • zakres regulacji klocków hamulcowych: 19 mm - 39 mm • długość ramienia 110 mm • klocki hamulcowe 70 mm • z prowadnicą kablową

Arm length (mm)110
Delivery contentshamulce, elementy mocujące
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