• XLC uchwyt GR-G11
XLC uchwyt GR-G11
XLC uchwyt GR-G11

XLC uchwyt GR-G11

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Przewidywana data dostawy - 2024-09-08
135/92mm, czarn., skora


Give your city bike an aesthetic upgrade with this attractive, faux-leather set of XLC Grips Retro GR-G11. Made to add comfort and style to your journey, these distinctive, retro grips will reduce hand fatigue and add increased stability to your ride. The artificial leather is smooth to the touch, making sure the feel of these grips enhances your riding experience. Soft, comfortable and adjustable, these grips are suitable for bicycles with a handlebar diameter of 22mm. Open-ended, they are compatible with twist gear shifts. The GR-G11 grips come in a choice of black or brown, both choices come with decorative stitching. They also come in a choice of lengths – either short-long (one short to accommodate shifting, the other long) or long-long.

  • komfortowe chwyty retro skóropodobne
  • otwarte z obydwóch stron
  • ergonomiczny kształt
  • dobra przyczepność
  • z ozdobnymi przeszyciami
  • dostępne również w wariantach krótkie/długie do manetki zmiany biegów

Handlebar diameter (mm)22
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