• XLC Mudguard HR MG-C06
XLC Mudguard HR MG-C06
XLC Mudguard HR MG-C06

Błotnik tylny XLC HR MG-C06 do Fatbike

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XLC Mudguard HR MG-C06 do Fatbike semitransparentny czarny.



The XLC RW Mudguard MG-C06 is a great alternative to full-sized mudguards for those who don't want as much coverage or perhaps prefer the look of a smaller guard. The MG-C06 is specifically a rear-wheel mudguard and works by fastening onto the seat post of the bike. It requires no tools to install or remove, as it uses a universal loop fastener and will fit on most seat posts up to a diameter of 32.5mm. It also has an adjustable angle feature. The MG-C06 is made using soft, flexible material and is suitable for tyre widths between 1.5" and 2" on wheels between 26" and 29" or fat bike tyres of 4". This semi-transparent mudguard will keep your back clean while riding in the rain or mud.

  • błotnik tylnego koła
  • półprzezroczysty
  • do montażu nie są potrzebne żadne narzędzia
  • uniwersalne mocowanie pętelkowe z regulacją kąta dla podpórki siodełka do Ø 32.5mm
  • bardzo miękki, elastyczny materiał
  • odpowiedni dla opon 1.5" - 2”
  • dla kół 26" do 29" lub
  • odpowiedni dla opon fat bike max. 4”

Mudguard width (mm)38.1-50.8
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