• XLC zastepcze piny CarryMore I
XLC zastepcze piny CarryMore I
XLC zastepcze piny CarryMore I

XLC zastepcze piny CarryMore I

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pasujace do systemu bagaznika XLC


The XLC BA-X21 Adapter Plate MIK 5:1 is a replacement pin for the XLC system carrier Carry More I. Made from a synthetic material, it ensures compatibility of the Carry More II adapter plate and rail with the Carry More I system carrier. As the name suggests, the 100g adapter is suitable for the XLC 5:1 bag and includes a key to secure accessories. XLC utilises MIK, a click system for luggage carriers that fits almost any rack. The XLC BA-X21 adapter plate means that if you do not have a bike with an integrated system, you can use this easy to mount plate instead. This makes it ideal for cargo bikes, trekking and e-bikes, as you can attach bags, racks and baskets to the plate.

  • szpilki wymienne do bagażnika systemowego XLC Carry More I
  • kompatybilność płyty adaptera Carry More II i szyny adaptera z bagażnikiem systemowym Carry More I

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