• XLC Lowrider-bagaznik LR-F02
XLC Lowrider-bagaznik LR-F02
XLC Lowrider-bagaznik LR-F02

XLC Lowrider-bagaznik LR-F02

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If you're after a way to carry more on your bike, look no further than the XLC Lowrider Carrier LR-F02. It is made of aluminium which lowers the overall weight of the carrier while maintaining the strength necessary to carry a maximum load of 10kg. The LR-F02 is precision welded for a strong structure, and it comes with the mounting material necessary for you to attach the carrier to your bike. It's a lowrider carrier which means it is fastened to the fork, with the luggage fastened on either side of the front wheel. Why is this good? Because you can maintain handling and agility as if your bike was unencumbered while carrying extra items.

  • • bagażnik Lowrrider • zespawany precyzyjnie • maksymalne obciążenie: 10 kg • w zestawie elementy mocujące

max. load capacity (kg)10
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