• XLC 3-czesciowy pas
XLC 3-czesciowy pas
XLC 3-czesciowy pas

XLC 3-czesciowy pas

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40,62 zł
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na zamówienie - 7-14 dni roboczych
10mmx450/600mm, czarny, klips mocujacy


The XLC RP-X07 Tensioning Rubber 3-Fold is made up of three elastic bands to keep maximum pressure on the luggage on top of your rack. The three straps allow you to evenly distribute the tension along whatever you need to hold, giving you confidence that your cargo won’t be going anywhere. The 10 mm x 450/600 mm straps are held in place with clip mounts fitted on the side of your pannier rack for extra security. Whether you commute and carry your work things atop your panniers or take to the bridle paths and roads with a tent and sleeping bag for a weekend adventure, your precious cargo will be securely held with the RP-X07 tensioning straps.

  • guma napinająca z trzema elastycznymi taśmami
  • 10 mm x 450 / 600 mm, czarny
  • mocowanie na klipsy
  • do umocowania przedmiotów na bagażniku

Color / Decorczarny
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