• kpl. zamienny do XLC Lowrider
kpl. zamienny do XLC Lowrider
kpl. zamienny do XLC Lowrider

kpl. zamienny do XLC Lowrider

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pasujacydo LR-F02


There’s nothing worse than a breakage or failure derailing your expedition plans, so avoid that nightmare with the XLC LR-X02 Spare Parts Set For LR-F02. In the extremely unlikely event that your XLC Lowrider Carrier LR-F02 has a part failure, having the LR-X02 spare parts set will keep your wheels turning and get your plans back on track. It’s always a nightmare misplacing a washer or nut for your rack could spell disaster, so it’s always good to have some spares tucked away in your garage or workshop. Have a glance at the rest of XLC’s range of carriers, racks, spares and luggage for all your adventure or touring needs. There is a diverse range to suit any type of bike or rider, so whether you’re looking to carry your books to the library or fill bags with clothes for a weekend touring adventure, there will be something for you.

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Model identifier numberLR-X02
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