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Have peace of mind with these anti-shock, anti-slip handlebar grips for children. With the XLC Children's Grips with Lamella Structure GR-G18, children can enjoy both safety and comfort while on their bicycle. The Craton rubber material serves the dual purpose of ensuring a strong grip and a resistance to wear and tear, meaning fewer replacements. The lamella (criss-cross) structure provides great impact protection in case of accidents. These grips are perfect to help your child stay steady and in control while riding. The ribbed outside improves grip, while the closed, enlarged outer side protects both your child and their bike. Available in a series of bright, eye-catching colours, your child can happily accessorise their bike with these, whatever their favourite colour.

  • poręczne chwyty do rowerów dziecięcych
  • z ochroną przed uderzeniem zgodnie z normą ISO-8098
  • antypoślizgowa i amortyzująca struktura warstwowa
  • różne kolory do wyboru

Handlebar diameter (mm)22
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