• XLC Chwyty Sport
XLC Chwyty Sport
XLC Chwyty Sport

XLC Chwyty Sport

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Looking for excellent wrist support? These XLC Grips Sport GR-G26 have a comfortable, conical shape created to support straight wrists. The diamond pattern encourages excellent grip and support while the ergonomic design increases hand-to-bar contact, minimising hand tension and fatigue. A screw fastener ensures no slip and no distractions when in the zone. Made from a high-density single compound material, these grips are sturdy and not too soft while boasting exceptional durability. The closed end protects against wet weather adding greater security to your grip. Bold and bright, the GR-G26 is available in a choice of colours including red, black, turquoise, neon yellow and neon green. These grips are suitable for a bicycle with a handlebar diameter of 22mm.

  • chwyty o sportowym, ergonomicznym kształcie
  • 1-komponentowy skład o bardzo wysokiej gęstości
  • bardzo dobra przyczepność
  • mocowanie na śrubę
  • konstrukcja o zamkniętym końcu
  • stożkowy kształt wspomaga prawidłowe ułożenie nadgarstków

Handlebar diameter (mm)22
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