• XLC waz do rowera 261-S40
XLC waz do rowera 261-S40
XLC waz do rowera 261-S40

XLC waz do rowera 261-S40

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26 x1.5/2.5 40/62-559 SV 40 mm


Bicycle wheels and tyres come in all sizes and as a result, so do inner tubes. XLC produces a wide range of quality inner tubes to suit most sizes available on the market. This particular inner tube VT-S26 is designed specifically for bikes with 26” wheels. These are most commonly found on city, trekking and mountain bikes. It is available to purchase in two options, for two different tyre widths. These are 26 x 1.5/2.5 40/62-559 and 26 x 1.0/1.5 25/40-559. This tube comes with a valve length of 32mm and uses a Presta valve. These are commonly used on bikes across the world and can be pumped up with most regular bicycle pumps.

  • • dętka • 26 x1.5/2.5 40/62-559 • 26 x1.0/1.5 25/40-559 • SV 32 mm

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