• USB-urzadz.AC B&M
USB-urzadz.AC B&M
USB-urzadz.AC B&M

USB-urzadz.AC B&M

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Przewidywana data dostawy - 2024-05-03
mobilna ladowarka za piaste dynamo


The USB port produces 5V voltage and up to 1A current. A small integrated buffer battery ensures constant power supply of 5V even when riding slowly or having short breaks. The USB port is suitable for charging/running all kinds of USB devices: mobile phone, GPS, MP3 player, etc. Contains output cable with USB port. **universally applicable** With hub dynamo universal mains charger, voltage (up to 13.3V) and current (up to 1.5A) can be adjusted variably in small steps. Starts charging with approx. 8 km/h. With only 15 km/h, charging is made that quick and powerful just as with a standard mains charger. It can absorb DC up to 50V. Car battery or eBike battery operation is also possible. **mounting** The power station can be mounted via rubber rings or cable ties to frame tubes of different diameters on any desired position. The power station is splash and rain water-proof **connection options E-WERK** universal connections for USB, mini USB, micro USB. 2 free cables for individual ports. With plugs for SON and Shimano hub dynamo. Waterproof cable screwings.

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